Who are we?

We are a group of 7 medical students from The University of Edinburgh who are extremely passionate about widening access to a career in the medical profession for young people of all backgrounds.

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What makes our project unique?

Many courses and initiatives exist to help students from less privileged backgrounds enter medical school, but these are not geographically or financially available to all applicants. By creating a free, online resource accessible to everyone, we aim to level the playing field. We want to fill some gaps that are not currently covered and share insider tips from our own experiences. Lastly, we plan to dispel some myths and prove that this career is an option for anyone with the motivation!

We firmly believe that by showing that medicine is not just open to a select few, we can help to build a more diverse workforce that best serves the needs of modern patients. It is not an intimidating or unattainable sector - you just need to be passionate and prepared!

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I'm going to be taking you through the UKCAT and medical school interviews.

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